Sebastien Murat – The French Job

While Herbert just ended his project and is in the hospital, Sebastien Murat is starting his project in the greater Antibes (France) with a no-limit freedive to 703 feet/214 meters.

He will make some ‘experimental dives’ to reach his target depth on ’empty’ lungs. It appears it is all part of a larger scientific project dealing with the potential for human hibernation and the team will be collecting important physiologic data, such as heart rate at extreme depth. The project is setup so that there will be progressively deeper depth and Sebastien his hoping to reach his target, which is (was?) the same as Herbert his record. He will finish the project around the 15th.

The whole thing is supported by watchmaker Maurice Lacroix and UWATEC and they make a big marketing thing around it. The setup a blogger competition and invited the bloggers with the most votes (and least freediving knowledge) to blog about the whole thing. Thus far it’s somewhat dissapointing to see what information comes out of the project. Hopefully this will improve in the coming days.

Anyway, good luck and safe dives to Sebastien. You can read more on the project website called “The French Job“. Below some informational video about Sebatien and the project.