Herbert Nitsch – Health Update

Three days after freediver Herbert Nitsch his no limits dive to 243 meters and his problems after that dive that let him into the hospital, there is another update from Herbert his team. It’s a pretty simple press release that gives no real insight into what happened exactly.

Now the question is; did Herbert set the new record? No limits records in the last years have been very informal events where rules where checked by the team self or friends. AIDA was denied last minute during this project. So it’s for sure not an AIDA record. Did he reach this depth? Yeah, I believe he did. I mean, come on, it’s Herbert! But he needed help! It’s not very clear from the video if he needed help already below the surface or after he surfaced. If you look at the video you can see him surfacing and keeping his head below the surface, exhaling loads of air. So probably he’s already on an O2 regulator breathing.

In my opinion you need to do the whole dive by yourself without any help. I don’t really care about the no touching rule of AIDA, but I do care if an athlete stays healthy. If someone surfaces and dies, he didn’t complete the dive. If someone needs help afterwards to stay alive… Well it’s tricky. I still think about freediving as a sport, so the performance is key. I think Herbert will be the last to claim it was a succesful dive. It appears that the marketing guys think otherwise. What do you think?

“Extreme 800”- Herbert Nitsch

Amazing Recovery For The Deepest Freediver Ever

We are glad to inform you tonight that Herbert Nitsch is headed for full recovery. After three recompression treatments, he has been taken out of intensive care and is now under constant but normal monitoring.

We would like to clarify at this stage that the data collected from five instruments during the dive confirms that Herbert did reach the planned depth of 244m/800ft. Undeniably, he is the deepest freediver on earth.

As Herbert is continuously pushing the boundaries of freediving, we cannot ascertain what exactly happened to him. Assumptions, hypothesis and theories do not bring anything.

We can however confirm that there should be no long term consequences. Neurological and physical exams reflect the fact that there is no major damage. It is ascertained that the best thing for him is to get as much sleep and as little disturbance as possible. Except for direct relatives and medical personal, no visits are allowed in order to ensure he gets the required rest. Which also means that interviews cannot be considered until further notice and that any such request will be denied.

Doctors are amazed with his current state of health and admit they never expected him to be this far so fast. Hence, we may hope that his further recovery will also happen at a much faster rate than would be expected for any other person in his situation.

We are glad to be able to share these positive news with you and look forward to further updates as soon as we can provide new information. We kindly ask everyone not to assume or communicate anything else than what is being said in the present release and/or not to rely on any other information source.

Again, Herbert, his family and his whole team wish to thank all those who care for Herb’s wellbeing. Had it been anyone else than Herbert, it is unlikely the news would have been this good this fast!

For any questions regarding this press release, please write to management@herbertnitsch.com  or call +43 676 9396858 – Sylvia Ritt (Manager of Herbert Nitsch). For further photos and underwater pictures please contact Phil Simha on phil.simha@gmail.com or +41 79 7863375.